February 4, 2008

Free Travel! Application deadline: February 18th, 2008.

Looking for a way to take an all expense paid trip? Checkout The Experiment in International Living. Basically it's a chaperone opportunity in which you take a group of students overseas for the summer.

"The Experiment in International Living offers dynamic summer programs for high school students in 27 countries around the world. For 75 years, Experiment programs have provided transformational learning experiences to tens of thousands of young people. These groundbreaking summer abroad programs help students develop a profound understanding of a different culture, language, and world view, as well as the capacity to see their own lives and country in a much broader perspective."

How to Apply to Become a Leader:
Those interested in becoming group leaders should do one of the following:
Call us at (800) 345-2929 (toll free in the US) or (802) 257-7751
Download a PDF of the Leader Application and mail it to us
Apply Online

The application includes:
* a personal profile
* short essay questions
* a case study
* a brief Leader biography
* a "Dear Family" letter (written in the language(s) of the country(s) to which you are applying)
* Three (3) references

The Group Leader application deadline is Monday, February 18, 2008.

Completed applications will be reviewed through March and early April. Those who qualify will be scheduled for an interview. The process of making final decisions will begin in May.

Special thanks to Elaine Lee at http://www.ugogurl.com/ for this great trip tip!

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