January 22, 2008

"The People Could Fly Project".

I've been meaning to post about this project for ages, but time just got away from me. If you've never been to their blog--go now! The project is so amazing and inspiring. And best of all you can contribute to help them complete their documentary!

Project Description:
The People Could Fly Project is a documentary arts project focusing on the dreams of young people across the African Diaspora. It follows the adventures of five sisters, ages of 7 to 21 as they travel across the US, Africa, and South America talking to young people about their dreams and visions for themselves and the world. Their work will culminate in a docu-narrative film about the journey.

As the daughters of an airline employee they've been able to fly many places, but felt it was imperative to share their experiences with others and to talk and engage with young people around the world about the power of their own dreams, their own abilities to make them reality, and thus their own ability to fly.

They have traveled to New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Jena, LA, Connecticut, Detroit, Virginia, Nashville, TN; Washington, DC; and Mississippi talking, filming, photographing, and interviewing people of all ages about their dreams and are on the way to many other places.

They were inspired by a folktale told in the Americas about Africans enslaved who sprout wings and fly away. The story is found in children's book author Virginia Hamilton's "The People Could Fly".

The online segment of their journey with photos, video clips, and writing can be found at:

Contribute to help pay for their travels and the completion of their documentary! Contributions of $50 or more receive a signed and matted 8x10 photograph from Djibouti taken by Intisar Abioto.

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