December 11, 2011

Cool Website Find: African Diaspora Tourism

If you haven't already stumbled upon it, you should definitely stop by AfricanDiasporaTourism.com.

African Diaspora tourism

"African Diaspora Tourism (ADT) is an online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture, heritage and influences of people of African descent, past and present. The ADT web site will highlight information on how people of color, living all over the world as a result of the transatlantic slave trade and modern-day migration, are continuously shaping the cultures of North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, as well as Africa.

ADTs major objective is to enlighten and inspire cultural and heritage tourism through up-to-date information, compelling first-person travel articles, candid images, and scholarly research. In addition to bringing you a first-rate travel journal about the people and places of the global African Diaspora, ADT is committed to supporting sustainable tourism and preserving the culture and heritage in the places we explore."

ADT also encourages submissions from writers.