July 18, 2012

How Not To Be An Obnoxious Tourist.

I just read this very sad but true post by by Kate Sedgwick over at Traveler's Notebook titled: How To Avoid Being an Ugly American Tourist. (Thanks for the link Lola!)

"Tourist telltale sign #452: being a totally disconnected spectator." Photo: Jon Feinstein

Fair enough, there are obnoxious tourists from everywhere on earth, but the article states some darn good examples of ugly tourist behavior that are commonly associated with American travelers.

I especially like Lesson #3: "Be humble. Your country sucks, too."


She wants Faith said...

Thats so true about english speaking people...If they don't like a different language spoken around them Dont go on holiday. Its annoying when people who only speak english assume that everyone else in the world must either speak it or understand it ><
Alot of people get annoyed here in England but I welcome it!
I love different languages!
Can say a few words and sentences in Japanese, French, Spanish, Polish, German
I wish I was fluent in any other language ^^

seqball said...

Hi BlackTravels,
I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your blogging and enjoy reading you new posts. While my race won't keep me from traveling anywhere in the world that I want to go, I do find that being aware of potential "hot spots" in advance is pretty handy. I, however, do not have the same kind of interactive experiences you do with the locals. I think I have discovered why. If you go to www.wordle.com, select create, and enter your blog address http://blacktravels.blogspot.com, the program will create a word cloud for you based on the most frequent words you have used in your posts to date. The larger the font for the word in the image, the more frequently the word was used, and in your case, the dominant ones seem to be "People," "One," "Black," and "Travel." I have completely different experiences because I am not a people person and I am particularly cautious and untrusting of strangers in new places. Que sera, eh.